Comforting Chemo Companion, Men's


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Comforting Chemo Companion, Men's
Comforting Chemo Companion, Men's

Gift Box Description

Men sometimes pride themselves on being strong and self sufficient.  Right now, however, he needs help.  This gift box has been created to help alleviate the harsh side effects of treatments and to help him take some control over the process.

List of Products

Clean Soups Cookbook - Naturally detox and stay energized year-round with this empowering collection of recipes intended to renew and restore.

Journal and Pen - Help him take charge of the process. For doctors appointments, notes or journaling, this notebook is the perfect size to accompany him throughout the day.

Nourishing Lip Balm and Hand Salve – Formulated for the driest skin, this heavy-duty, rich formula will combat the drying effects of chemotherapy and offer all-day care and protection.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Hydration is a must when in treatment.  This snazzy stainless steel water bottle is BPA free and keeps beverages hot or cold for hours.

Numi® and Assorted Organic Tea – Whether it’s to counteract nausea, ease digestion or promote relaxation, tea is a soothing, warm elixir for any patient undergoing cancer therapy.

Ginger Candies – Designed to fight nausea, motion sickness and cold sweats, these little treats pack a punch whether at home or on the go.

Simply Gum® – This delicious, refreshing treat helps to combat dryness and cut the metallic taste of chemotherapy.

Biotene® - Dry mouth is another unfair consequence of chemotherapy. Biotene is formulated to provide immediate relief, minimizing discomfort and potential oral complications.

EO® Hand Sanitizer – Protect him:  Keeping bacteria away from a compromised immune system is essential during treatment.  This certified organic disinfectant is 99% effective against most common germs.

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