Hospital Stay - Home Away From Home Essentials


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Hospital Stay - Home Away From Home Essentials

Gift Box Description

Packing is the last thing a person wants to think about before a hospital stay.  This gift box, filled with essentials, helps alleviate that burden. For comfort, cleanliness and creativity, this is one heck of a gift.

Product List

Cetaphil® Facial Wipes – An ultra soft and gentle cleanser, even for the most sensitive skin.

EO® Deodorant – Stay fresh all day with these convenient, organic, and aluminum free deodorant wipes.

Dionis® Hand Cream and Lip Balm – Restorative and nourishing, this set of hand made goat’s milk products will combat the effects of harsh dry hospital air.

Biotene® Mouth Rinse – lt’s not uncommon to suffer from dry mouth in the hospital. This little rinse provides immediate symptom relief.

Tom’s® Toothpaste and toothbrush – A clean mouth can make all the difference in making you feel fresh. This toothpaste is sourced with naturally derived ingredients.

Hair Brush – Say goodbye to bed head with this miniature detangler.  Works great on wet or dry hair.

Earplugs – Perfect for reducing, blocking or muffling sounds, these super comfortable earplugs are re-useable and can be worn for an extended period of time.

Journal and Pen – Questions for the doctor are always ruminating.  They’ll be able to keep their thoughts conveniently together with this pocket-sized journal.

Toiletry Bag – Water resistant and lightweight, this is the perfect sized travel bag.  It holds all of the contents in this collection,with room to spare.

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