Lemons, Honey, and Cancer


It’s interesting what your body gravitates towards at different times.  It’s almost as though your body inherently knows what it needs.  Which is truly remarkable, if you think about it.

Long before I ever learned of their powerful therapeutic properties, I had always turned to my comforting lemon and honey concoction to make me feel better.  Whether I was run down, sick or sad, it was a quick restoring pick me up. But during my years of fighting cancer, it became a more regular turn-to elixir.

When it comes to cancer, the benefits of lemon and honey are vast.  Both contain antioxidants that support immune system function.  This compound helps protect your cells from free radicals, which can cause significant damage. 

Free radicals are charged atoms that are formed when certain molecules interact with oxygen. They react with cell membranes and the DNA within cells, which impairs their function. Damaged cells are the first step leading to cancer development. This is why (according to the National Cancer Institute) choosing a diet high in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, can play a role in cancer prevention.

In addition, lemon, which prevents dehydration, is high in vitamin C. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has reported that vitamin C (in large doses) has shown in clinical trials to have decreased side effects of certain cancer treatments. And honey, because of its ability to promote wound healing, has been found (according to the National Institutes of Health) to effectively counteract oral side effects in patients undergoing various forms of chemotherapy/radiation.

The list goes on. 

Evidently the attraction I’ve had to these two little powerhouses has been necessary.  It’s truly a blessing, when what you want and what you need are one and the same.

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